28th Annual Christmas in the Nighttime Sky

A BIG Thank You to everyone that participated in the 28th Annual Christmas in the Nighttime Sky! It takes a lot of planning, work, time and dedication from the sponsors and volunteers, but it is only a success when the community supports and participates in the event!

People gathered around the bonfires to stay warm and dry, enjoyed a hot baked potato/chili dinner and drank lots of coffee and hot cocoa to ward off the evening chill. The reward for braving the rainy forecast was tremendous; the band played their hearts out as people crowded inside to get out of the drizzle, Santa listened to the wishes of hundreds of children, and everyone enjoyed the spirit of giving as they awaited the spectacular fireworks show.

In spite of the rain, which thankfully let up in time for the fireworks, 1800 people came, bringing 1427 toys, 13 bikes and 4 wagons! Good food, good music and good times were had by all!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!