Sprinklers & Irrigation Systems

Sprinkler Irrigation System Design

A well-designed sprinkler irrigation system will address essential components such as the water source and available pressure, lawn vs. landscaped beds, as well as slopes and low spots. Appropriate zones, nozzles and spray heads will be incorporated for proper coverage to prevent your irrigation system over-watering or dry spots.

Kimberly Nurseries years of experience ensures your sprinkler irrigation system will bring you peace of mind; from a brand new system, adding to an existing system or making renovations to an older system, we have you covered!

Beautiful landscaping by Kimberly Nurseries in Twin Falls, ID

Sprinkler Installation

From the first point of connection to the last nozzle, our experienced sprinkler installers will build a quality sprinkler system designed for performance over time. We can perform both residential sprinkler installation and commercial sprinkler installation. With a combination of traditional spray nozzles, pop-up rotors, and drip irrigation, your custom irrigation system will water your landscape evenly and efficiently. Each nozzle will be adjusted to ensure they are providing proper coverage without backsplash on sidewalks, patios, or your Twin Falls home. Call today to install your sprinkler system!

Sprinkler Installation by Kimberly Nurseries in Twin Falls, ID

Sprinkler System Warranty

Kimberly Nurseries sprinkler systems come with a standard 1 year warranty for parts and labor, with the first winterization and spring start-up included. We offer a 5 year extended warranty with a pre-paid service agreement. Ask your designer for more information about this value packed option!

Sprinkler system warranties offered by Kimberly Nurseries in Twin Falls, ID

Sprinkler Repair & Maintenance

Sprinkler systems require regular maintenance and periodic repairs to keep your Twin Falls landscape looking great. Problems like dry spots, puddled water, or a malfunctioning controller can usually be avoided with a regular maintenance program.
Broken heads, plugged nozzles, valve repairs and controller adjustments needn’t be a headache, for our certified sprinkler technicians they are no problem!

Our team is equipped with the latest tools and techniques to swiftly diagnose and resolve any issues with your irrigation system. Whether it's a small residential setup or a large commercial landscape, we have the expertise and experience to ensure that your sprinklers work efficiently throughout the year. Trust us to keep your green spaces lush and well-watered, without the hassle of constant breakdowns and water wastage.

Call today to schedule a system check-up or for repair services.

Our Sprinkler Maintenance Services

• Sprinkler Repairs & Adjustments
• Backflow Certification & Testing
• Filter Flush and Inspection
• Controller Upgrade
• Spring Turn-on
• Winterization
• 24 hour emergency service available

Sprinkler Maintenance Packages

Kimberly Nurseries offers Sprinkler Maintenance packages, providing savings and convenience
while keeping your sprinkler system in great working condition, both commercial and residential. Call for pricing in your area.

Bronze Service

  • Spring Sprinkler Start-Up
  • Winterization

Silver Service

  • Spring Sprinkler Start-Up
  • Backflow Recertification or Filter Flush & Inspection
  • Mid-Summer Sprinkler Check & Adjustment
  • Winterization

Gold Service

  • Spring Sprinkler Start-up
  • Backflow Recertification or Filter Flush & Inspection
  • Late Spring System Check & Adjustment
  • Mid-Summer Sprinkler Check & Adjustment
  • Early Fall System Check & Adjustment
  • Winterization

Materials and labor for repair of sprinkler system items will be charged extra.

Did You Know...

Drip Irrigation is the most water efficient method, using only a fraction of the water that traditional sprinklers use. Drip irrigation delivers water directly to the root zone and allows the soil to absorb water slowly, preventing wasteful run-off. Drip irrigation is best used for trees, shrubs and planted beds, and can be hidden from sight with decorative rock or bark mulch.

Modern sprinkler systems are designed with pop up spray heads or rotors, which are sealed to prevent debris and dirt from getting inside the working mechanisms. At Kimberly Nurseries we use the latest in technology to build systems that are efficient, quiet and environmentally savvy. The latest technology in smart controllers offer conveniences such as rain sensors and mobile access, making sure your plants get the right amount of water regardless of the weather. We service both commercial and residential sprinkler systems.

Backflow Testing in Twin Falls, Idaho

Most communities require a backflow prevention device that is up to code and tested annually to ensure the health and safety of drinking water sources.

Kimberly Nurseries technicians are nationally certified and our full-service backflow testing includes coordinating with your city and providing both you and your city with proper documentation of the test results.